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[in]finite dream

Exploration of Interactivity through a dreamy space // Interaction Design


Exploration of Identity and Packaging for coffee // Branding

your souvenir

Exploration of Ephemera and Identity through the output of a physical object // System & Interaction Design

製造哥斯達黎加 [made in costa rica]

Exploration of Tradition & Identity through recipes // Book & Interaction Design

Fancy Free

Exploration of redesigning an existing book // Book Design

Order With Me

Exploration of Mobile App Design // Interaction Design

Mogul Typeface

Exploration of letterforms and type // Type Design


Exploration of large scale and printed visuals for autmobiles // Advertising

Familia Fung [Ancestry Book]

Exploration of Identity & Tradition // Book Design

sundaes & cones

Exploration of Branding through an existing restaurant // Identity Design

is an interactive and visual designer interested in creating multidisciplinary systems and projects that showcase her cultural heritage and perspective. Currently works for Bakery House as a visual designer. She focuses on Branding, UI/UX, Typography, Websites & Book Design. Interested in tradition, systems, culture & food. Worked as an interactive designer for <elastica>, in projects like Organikos & Honda 70 Aniversario.

Made In Costa Rica, your souvenir, Dream, Order With Me, Familia Fung [Ancestry Book], Rebranding: sundaes & cones, Fancy Free, Mogul Typeface & PERCEPTION.

BFA in Communication Design, Parsons School of Design, NY (2016-2020)
IB DIPLOMA + IGCSE Certificate, British School of Costa Rica (2012–2015)

Bakery House
 Visual Designer (09/2020–now)
 Senior Interactive Designer (09/2018–05/2020) @ Remotely
  Effie Awards Costa Rica for Honda 70 Aniversario (2019)
 Graphic Design Intern (05/2018–08/2018) @ Costa Rica