click click

Exploration of Interactivity through a multiple inner pages // Interaction Design

Instructors:  Nika & Dylan Fisher

This project was created for ‘Studio: Interaction’(2018), this class focused in creating interactive concepts and techniques for websites. This project focused on the concept of clicking and navigating through multiple interior pages of a website by only using HTML & CSS.

original publication

“Click Click” showcases a romantic declaration from Uruguayan writer Mario Benedetti. His poem, “Ustedes y Nosotros” (1995) depicts the difference between two couples. One of the couples focuses only on their appearances and what people think about them. While the other couple thrives for their own happiness and love. This website thrives to create that difference between both couples by dividing the poem in two. The “Ustedes” part is typeset in Garamond and the “Nosotros” is typeset in Univers, the difference in typefaces creates a visual contrast while still complementing each other.